Beyond Good and Evil 2 Will Have A Customizable Protagonist

beyond good and evil 2

The original Beyond Good and Evil had an iconic protagonist in Jade. Beyond Good and Evil 2 will be releasing… at some point in tie, given that the game hasn’t even started development yet. The game will be a dramatic departure from the original, since it is apparently a shared world shooter. But that won’t be the only change this time, either- this time, you get a fully customizable protagonist. No iconic™ heroine for you.

There will also be some parts in the game that will be procedurally generated- something that is perhaps necessitated by the fact that its scale is, according to Michel Ancel, going to be massive. Not just massive, but realistic, too- for instance, he talked about how all the planets in the game rotate how they would in real life, which should lead to variably seasons, and a day and night cycle. Plus, apparently, the story will be set in stone- but how you experience it may vary.

It sounds… different. I’m not sure if it’s necessarily good or bad, but we will presumably find out when the game launches… at some point in time… for some systems. Really, nothing has been announced yet, so, er, stay tuned?


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