Online [Free Watch] Full Movie 78/52 (2017)

Dune! is a new game for the iOS where your goal is ostensibly to score as many points as possible in one round, but as players have figured out, the real goal is to shoot the ball as high as absolutely possible. You hold down on the screen to make the ball move faster and […]

Online [Free Watch] Full Movie The LEGO Ninjago Movie (2017)

Watermelon Ball: Pass 2,000 hoops total in endless mode Wink Emoji: Play endless mode with 12 different skins Poker Chip: 15 swishes in one single endless mode game CD/DVD: Pass 30 hoops in one endless mode game Yin/Yang: Pass 51 challenges in normal mode Mystery Skin 1: To unlock it, you have to spend 8 […]

Online [Free Watch] Full Movie Friend Request (2016)

Dunk Hit is a new basketball tap game by Voodoo, who previously made Flappy Dunk. This game is very similar to that one, in that your goal is to tap to flap the ball into the hoop endlessly for higher and higher scores. You can unlock many skins for the ball, nd in this game, […]

Online [Free Watch] Full Movie All Saints (2017)

For number 27, go to the dump using Mike, and get the game cartridge from underneath the pile of dirt, which is under an orange tarp. Give it to the clerk at Bradley’s Big Buy Store. For heart piece 28, buy the milk for 100 coins at the Big Buy Store. Then go to Mrs. […]

Online [Free Watch] Full Movie Novitiate (2017)

Heart piece 13 is inside of the Forest Maze. Get Will and then go back and go to the room on the west end and enter it. Heart piece 14 can be earned in Middle School by shooting out all five of the red bells that are on the walls. Heart piece 15 is earned […]

Online [Free Watch] Full Movie Napping Princess (2017)

Stranger Things: The Game features all of the characters from the best TV series on Netflix (in your humble author’s opinion), plus many more. You can go to 8 different dungeons and hunt down all sorts of objects, but one of the most low-key valuable collectables in the game are heart pieces. Just like in […]

Online [Free Watch] Full Movie Ingrid Goes West (2017)

Stranger Things: The Game contains many characters from the TV series, such as Chief Hopper, Lucas and Eleven, as well as a massive amount of collectibles. One of these collectible categories is the upgrades that you can unlock for each character in the game. These will increase their weapon stats and the number of their […]

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