War Wings Review: Flying High

Ever wanted to be in a World War II cockpit? Probably not. In reality, it was very dangerous, and your chances of becoming an ace pilot were pretty slim. Fortunately, while War Wings might like to be historically accurate, it’s mostly a pretty entertaining arcade style twist on Second World War combat. Purely online, it […]

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Cat Quest Review: Dovahkitty


Cat Quest is a gorgeous, massive, and utterly endearing action RPG that feels both open-ended and streamlined at the same time. Despite offering a large world to explore, there are never more than a few steps to the next dungeon to loot, monster to slay, or quest to undertake. All of these activities are fast-paced […]

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Dangerous Games: Illusionist Review – Is This Your Card?

Who would have thought anything strange would happen at a gathering of illusionists? Especially not in this newly restored hotel owned by the extravagant Samuel Taylor. You were invited to cover the event in the hopes of getting a halfway decent story for your paper. Instead you get dead illusionists appearing in smoke and kidnapping […]

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Mazey Review: A-maze-ing?

Immediately reminiscent of a game from years gone by, Mazey keeps it immensely simple. That’s not an insult either. It knows exactly what it’s meant to be and doesn’t deviate. Think of it as a (mostly) calming distraction from life rather than something that you’re going to be devoting a significant portion of your time […]

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