Online [Free Watch] Full Movie I Love You, Daddy (2017)

Cubis Kingdoms

It’s definitely not a prerequisite for a puzzle game to have a narrative, but with so many games competing for attention these days, it definitely doesn’t hurt. Cubis Kingdoms brings a story to the successful Cubis franchise for the first time, and along with gameplay and visual enhancements, it’s enough to make for a compelling […]

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Stranger Things: The Game Review – The Legend of Eleven

Stranger Things: The Game showed up on the App Store unexpectedly, appearing like a mysterious visitor from another dimension. As a collaboration between developer BonusXP and Netflix itself, this completely free gift to fans of the series is filled with characters, locations, and references from the show in the style of a 16-bit adventure game. […]

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Online [Free Watch] Full Movie Happy Death Day (2017)

As a member of the Secret Order of the Griffin, Sarah Pennington gets to go on all kinds of adventures. Her most recent one involved going back in time to seize powerful artifacts before they destroyed the world. When that trivial matter was done and dusted, Sarah noticed her time machine was in a ship […]

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