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sonic runners adventure

We’ve been going fast with our buddy Sonic and his friends on platform after platform since retro gaming. And now that we can carry hedgehogs around in our pockets, the endless runner genre is a match made in Green Hill Zone for Sonic fans. Sonic Runners Adventure won’t do much to surprise you, but it […]

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Unless you’re one of the apparently many people who believes we’re headed for one of any number of dystopian futures, there’s a chance mankind will eventually spread out and colonize the stars. If we do, the people who master Uciana could be the human race’s wise sages of lore. That’s because this 4X sci-fi strategy […]

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Legend of Coin is an incredibly unique blend of coin pusher and RPG. Chances are, you won’t have come across anything like it before now. Fortunately for you, we’ve played it extensively to bring you these top tips and tricks to help get you started. Focus on gathering coins   It sounds silly to say […]

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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Maybe the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp developers simply aren’t cold weather people. That would explain why the big December update to Nintendo’s popular mobile game focuses on gardening, which is simply a pipe dream for most of us bundled up against the cold. It’s definitely a pleasant thought to picture flowers sprouting instead of sleet […]

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Colorzzle is a peaceful puzzler using colors and cubes. Similar to the Blendoku Series, the goal is to lay down blocks in a specific order, using the rainbow spectrum as a placement guide. As levels progress, new mechanics are introduced, including reflecting mirrors, colored light beams, flipping color-switchers, multi-colored rotatable blocks, and color-manipulating rainbows. With no hints […]

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Bridge Constructor Portal is a really interesting mashing together of two franchises. And it works really well. It’s fun, it’s challenging, and perhaps most importantly, it carries the humour of the Portal series on to mobile pretty much perfectly. However, it’s not the easiest game to get to grips with, so we thought we’d come […]

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Dream Town Story

Leave it to Kairosoft to come up with a mobile city builder that lets you devise just the kind of town you’d like. Dream Town Story is fun for all ages, and the basics of laying out roads and putting up buildings are simple for anyone who’s played any similar previous title. That doesn’t mean, […]

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