Destiny 2 Receiving Major Expansion in September

Destiny 2 (10)

Though Bungie has yet to confirm the next major DLC for Destiny 2, which is scheduled to release in May with the next “season” of content, Activision has already confirmed a major new expansion due in September. This was during the company’s fourth quarter and year-end earnings for 2017 where it noted that Destiny 2 was the second highest-grossing console title in North America. It also saw the largest PC launch for Activision in terms of units.

Interestingly, Activision Publishing Eric Hirshberg said that Bungie wanted Destiny 2 to be “less of a grind, and provide a more direct path to rewards” but this caused veterans to reach end game must faster than it thought. Which is funny considering the utter lack of end-game content when the game launched. Nonetheless, Hirshberg said that “the right plans are in place” to address concerns.

A “major” expansion can be equated to something like The Taken King for Destiny 1 which included a new raid, a large new area, a significant number of story and side quests, new weapons and major changes. No information is available on what’s in store Destiny 2’s big expansion.

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