DOOM 2016 Weapons List: Every Weapon and Modification

DOOM 2016 Weapons List: Every Weapon and Modification

DOOM is back to show us all how shooters are done. And what better way to do that than with crazy weapons!?

DOOM is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The game promises to be a familiar yet unique and refreshing take on both the franchise and FPS genre broadly. We’ll have plenty more guides in the upcoming days including a walkthrough and collectibles guide, but in the meantime hopefully this weapon’s guide can make it easier for you to upgrade and know the basics of each weapon.

Weapons form an important part of the experience, and you simply won’t be able to succeed without them: melee simply won’t cut it! You’re coming up against hell’s most devilish demons, and so you need to make sure you’re packing some heat!

This guide will take you through every weapon, and detail the base damage, ammo capacity, modifications and challenges available for each.

Once you’re done looking through each weapon, be sure to check out our other guides, linked below.


DOOM 2016 Weapons List



Base: 19

Gatling Rotator: 19

Incendiary Rounds: 22

Mobile Turret: 22


Ammo Capacity

Base: 90

Upgrade 1: 120

Upgrade 2: 150

Upgrade 3: 180

Upgrade 4: 210



Gatling Rotator

  • Improved Torque (3 weapon upgrade points): Increases spin-up speed
  • Uranium Coating (6): Bullets penetrate targets


Mobile Turrent

  • Rapid Deployment (3): Decreases transformation time
  • Uranium Coating (6): Bullets penetrate targets


Mastery Challenges

Get 5 kills in 5 seconds while using the Gatling Rotator.   

Reward: Incendiary Rounds   

Kill 4 or more demons during a single Mobile Turret deploy 5 times   

Reward: Ultimate Cooling

Combat Shotgun


Base: 26 max, 22 min

Charged Burst: 26, 22

Charged Burst – Power Shot: 32.5, 27.5

Explosive Shot Direct: 100

Explosive Shot Splash: 275

Explosive Shot – Cluster Strike: 98, 180 splash radium


Ammo Capacity

Base: 20

Upgrade 1: 30

Upgrade 2: 40

Upgrade 3: 50

Upgrade 4: 60



Charged Burst

  • Speedy Recovery (1 weapon upgrade points): Reduces recharge time
  • Rapid Fire (3): Increased fire rate
  • Quick Load (5): Reduced loading time for modification


Explosive Shot

  • Speedy Recovery (1): Reduces recharged time between explosive shots
  • Bigger Boom (3): Expanded explosion radius
  • Instant Load (5): Reduces loading time for modification


Mastery Challenges

Kill 5 Mancubi with the Charged Burst.   

Reward: Power Shot

Get 20 direct hits on Imps with Explosive Shot

Reward: Cluster Strike


Gauss Cannon


Direct: 650

Concuss: 80, 120 splash radius

Precision Bolt: 1200 (max), 300 (min)

Gauss Cannon Charged Sniper Mastery Splash: 800, 384 splash radius

Siege Mode: 1680

Siege Mode Outer Beam: 1680, 96 splash radius

Ammo Capacity

Base: 150

Upgrade 1: 200

Upgrade 2: 250

Upgrade 3: 300

Upgrade 4: 350


Precision Bolt

  • Energy Efficient (3 weapon upgrade points): Reduced time to max charge and reduced time between shots
  • Light Weight (6): Move at full speed when zoomed in

Siege Mode

  • Outer Beam (3): The beam now has a devastating area of effect around it
  • Reduced Charge Time (6): Beam charge time is reduced

Mastery Challenges

Kill 5 Hell Knights with a Precision Bolt headshot.   

Reward: Volatile Discharge

Kill 3 or more demons with a Siege Mode beam 10 times.   

Reward: Mobile Siege


Heavy Assault Rifle (HAR)


Standard: 40

Micro Missiles Direct: 10

Micro Missiles Splash: 100 (max), 0 (min)

Tactical Scope: 40

Devastator Rounds: 70


Ammo Capacity

Base: 90

Upgrade 1: 120

Upgrade 2: 150

Upgrade 3: 180

Upgrade 4: 210



Micro Missiles 

  • Ammo Efficient (1 weapon upgrade points): Reduces the ammo cost of Micro Missiles
  • Advanced Loader (3): Greatly improves reload time for Micro Missiles
  • Quick Launcher (5): Instantly activate the Micro Missile rack when it’s ready to fire


Tactical Scope

  • Uranium Coating (1): Bullets fired while zoomed will penetrate through targets
  • Skull Cracker (3): Bullets fired while zoomed will deal additional headshot damage
  • Light Weight (5): Move faster when zoomed in with the Tactical Scope


Mastery Challenges

Stick 4 different demons in 5 seconds.   

Reward: Bottomless Missiles

Get 50 headshot kills while using the Tactical Scope.   

Reward: Devastator Rounds




Standard: 20

Charged Shot: 200 (max), 43 (min), 1500ms charge time, 750ms discharge time

Charged Shot – Increased Power: 320 (max), 53 (min), 1000ms charge time, 350ms charge time


Ammo Capacity




Charge Energy Shot

  • Charge Efficiency (1 weapon upgrade points): Decreases the time it takes to power up a Charged Energy Shot
  • Quick Recovery (3): Decreases the recovery time for the Pistol after using a Charged Energy Shot
  • Light Weight (5): Move at full speed when using the Charged Energy Shot


Mastery Challenges

Get 15 headshot kills with the Charged Energy Shot.   

Reward: Increased Power

Plasma Rifle


Direct: 25

Splash: 10, 96 splash radius

Heat Blast: 350 (max), 5 (min)

Heat Blast Upgraded: 600 (max), 10 (min)

Stun Bomb Direct: 1

Stun Bomb Splash: 1, 256 splash radius

Stun Bomb Splash Upgraded: 1, 320 splash radius


Ammo Capacity

Base: 150

Upgrade 1: 200

Upgrade 2: 250

Upgrade 3: 300

Upgrade 4: 350



Heat Blast

  • Super Heated Rounds (1 weapon upgrade points): Shots from the Plasma Rifle now build heat much faster
  • Improved Venting (3): Significantly reduces the weapon’s recovery from a Heat Blast
  • Expanded Threshold (5): Increases the amount of heat that can be contained, resulting in more potential damage


Stun Bomb

  • Quick Recharge (1): Stun Bomb recharges much faster.
  • Big Shock (3): Increases the size of the Stun Bomb detonation
  • Longer Stun (5): Demons hit by the Stun Bomb will stay stunned for a longer duration


Mastery Challenges

Kill multiple demons with a single Heat Blast 20 times.   

Reward: Heated Core

Kill 30 stunned demons.   

Reward: Chain Stun

Rocket Launcher


Direct: 130

Splash: 350, 320 splash radius

Remote Detonation Splash: 350, 340 splash radius

Remote Detonation – Improved Warhead: 350, 408 splash radius

Remote Detonation – Jagged Shrapnel: 450, 340/408 splash radius

Lock-on Burst Direct: 375 (max), 300 (min)

Lock-on Splash: 25, 128 splash radius


Ammo Capacity

Base: 10

Upgrade 1: 15

Upgrade 2: 20

Upgrade 3: 25

Upgrade 4: 30



Remote Detonation

  • Improved Warhead (3 weapon upgrade points): Using Remote Detonation will generate a larger rocket explosion
  • Jagged Shrapnel (6): Demons that are hit by a Remote Detonation will be pierced with additional shrapnel and continue to take damage for a short time


Lock-On Burst

  • Quick Lock (3): Lock onto demons much faster
  • Faster Recovery (6): The time before another lock can be acquired is reduced


Mastery Challenges

Kill 3 or more demons with a single detonation 15 times.   

Reward: External Payload

Kill 5 Summoners using the Lock-on Burst.   

Reward: Multi-Targeting


Super Shotgun


Standard: 60 (max), 40 (min)


Ammo Capacity

Base: 20

Upgrade 1: 30

Upgrade 2: 40

Upgrade 3: 50

Upgrade 4: 60




  • Faster Reload (3 weapon upgrade points): Decreases the time to reload the next shot
  • Uranium Coating (6): Shots penetrate through targets


Mastery Challenges

Kill multiple demons with a Super Shotgun blast 30 times.   

Reward: Double Trouble

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