Fire Emblem Warriors Gets More Footage On The Nintendo Switch

Taking a cerebral turn based strategy game and turning it into a real time button mashing action game does not sound like the best of ideas, but Nintendo and Koei Tecmo are doing it anyways with the upcoming Fire Emblem Warriors. And it looks… good?

You can check out some brand new footage of the game from E3 below, which shows us some pretty frenetic action, as well as the return of beloved and fan favorite characters, all teaming up to take on some other cross dimensional being or threat again, most likely (Nintendo, this excuse is starting to wear thin, find a better justification for your crossovers, please).

Regardless, the actual gameplay looks fine. Fire Emblem Warriors is due out exclusively on the New Nintendo 3DS XL (which means it will not play on your standard 3DS systems- take note!) and Nintendo Switch later this year. Stay tuned to GamingBolt for more coverage.

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