Kingdom Hearts 3, Monster Hunter World, Super Mario Odyssey And Final Fantasy 7 Remake Ranked In Latest Famitsu Charts

Japanese fans of video games are nothing if not pretty clear on what they do and do not like. Which is why, as we see every week on the Famitsu Most Wanted charts, the same franchises appear to be the one that chart the highest on their most anticipated games lists. In this case, those franchises are Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Monster Hunter, and Mario.

All four of those actually form the top four of the Famitsu Most Wanted list for the week- Final Fantasy 7 Remake is at #1, Monster Hunter World is at #2, Kingdom Hearts 3 is at #3, and Super Mario Odyssey is #4. Pokemon UltraSun/UltraMoon take up the fifth spot, rounding out the top five. Meanwhile, Metroid: Samus Returns, which had crept into the top 10 last week, is now back out, in eleventh place. Sad.

Of these games, Mario, Pokemon, and Monster Hunter are due to launch within the next few months, meaning they should ensure that the Japanese market remains lively and stimulated- hopefully, Square can get its development act together to push out Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts sooner rather than later, too.

[Thanks Nintendo Everything]

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