Madden NFL 18 Update Changes The Play

NFL Playoffs are capturing the attention of football fans right now, but if you still find some time between to toss around the pigskin in Madden NFL 18, a new update should make things a little easier to enjoy.

Oulined within an EA blog post, the update focuses on minor gameplay tweaks, but finally tackles an issues where AI running backs wouldn’t perform properly, and changes how often you’re able to get faked out on the defence with either a human or AI-controlled defender using a special move. In addition, the exploit where you could force kick-returners back to within their own five yard line is gone.

Nothing has been announced for it yet, but EA will typically come out with a lower priced Super Bowl edition of its Madden games around this time, so if you’re interested in trying this one, perhaps see where things sit in a few weeks.

Patch Notes:

  • Substantial reduction to fake-outs for user controlled defenders when defending ball carrier special moves
  • Slight reduction to fake-outs for AI controlled defenders when defending ball carrier special moves
  • Addressed an issue that was causing some AI controlled ball carriers to move slowly and/or not perform special moves
  • Tuned to decrease range of width on kickoffs to address the kickoff exploit that could force returners out of bounds inside their own five-yard line

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