Overwatch: New Bug Allows 12v12 Gameplay

Overwatch Mei

Over a year since its launch, what Overwatch is is pretty well defined at this point- which is why bugs like these, which hint at it gaining and becoming something new entirely, gain so much traction in the community.

As for what Overwatch is is a 6v6 multiplayer shooter- while there is definitely nothing wrong with that, especially since it does that exceptionally well, and since the entire game seems to be balanced around those team sizes, there are probably some who wonder what it might be like with larger team sizes- especially since this is something that other shooters o. the market frequently seem to dabble with.

Well, now you have to wonder no more- apparently, this brand new bug in the game allows for some form of 12v2 gameplay. You can see the bug i action for yourself in the video below. It looks like utter mayhem and total chaos, and would probably not be good for any meaningful competitive play, but it looks fun for casual chaos and mayhem. Overwatch is out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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