Overwatch: Roadhog Suffering From An Interesting Hook Glitch

Overwatch players are no strangers to bugs and glitches, and now we have another one to report on. And you know what? This one isn’t all that invasive or annoying. It’s actually pretty cool. Reddit user OutbackBrah recently put this post up, showing a video of the glitch. Click through the link to see it or check it out below.

The first fifteen seconds are quite useless, so you can skip through those. The video shows the player, playing with Roadhog, attempting to use a hook on an opposing player playing with Torbjörn. However, Torbjörn avoids the hook by chaining the player to a turret. Almost looks like immaculate timing. Some might even say he got outplayed.

Again, it’s not really the kind of bug that hinders the gameplay. Have you come across something similar while playing Overwatch? Tell us in the comments section below. Meanwhile, stay tuned to GamingBolt for more updates on anything and everything to do with Overwatch.

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