Overwatch Suffering From A Bug That Allows Players To Shoot Through Walls, Blizzard Responds

Overwatch players are no strangers to bugs- hell, we report at least a couple of bugs every weak here at GamingBolt. And it looks like we now have another one to report on. By Overwatch standards, this one is actually pretty dull- the good old shooting through walls.

Reddit user ogmods posted a video that shows the bug and how it works. The video shows the player shooting through a wall and hitting other players. You can take a look at the video below. And it looks like Blizzard have already responded to the bug as well.

Blizzard’s lead software designer Bill Warnecke took the time out to post a comment on the Reddit post, simply saying- “Thanks for the report, we’re looking into this.” It remains to be seen just how soon this will be addressed. Have you come across this bug while playing Overwatch? Tell us in your comments below.

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