Reload: The Z Team Hack, Cheats, Tips and Guide

Reload: The Z Team is your standard zombie apocalypse game. It has elements of being a stable shooter with elements of being a lane defense. You basically have characters on the left side shooting down the hordes of zombies coming in from the right. Make sure to build up a nice party of survivors to take on the invasion. In order to help you with your defense you can use our Reload: The Z Team hacks, cheats, tips and guide.

Reload: The Z Team is available on iOS.

The magic of reload

The gameplay of Reload: The Z Team is very straight forward. You simply tap on the zombies on the right to shoot them down. You will also see the reload button on the left side. That reload button will be your best friend as you need to be reloading most of the time. Never let your finger be far away from that reload button. Be fast to tap on the enemies as well as the reload button. When there aren’t any zombies for the time being, then reload. Have two of your fingers when you play the game to make it easier to attack and reload.

Upgrade always

The levels are divided by days and in each day you get to mow down a number of zombies. When you mow down zombies you get coins. If you successfully complete a day, you will then have the option to continue. However before you continue you need to upgrade with the use of your coins. Upgrade your characters and whatever because the coins will not be carried over the next the day. If you can’t use all of them then make sure you don’t have too much left.

What to upgrade

The only thing you can upgrade in Reload: The Z Team are your survivors. In terms of upgrade you basically just make them stronger in a sense. Going back to the coins that can’t be carried over, upgrade a character that you feel will be very useful. Now granted every time that you upgrade a character, the next level will need more coins. If you lack more coins for further upgrades then it is better for you to upgrade another character when you can afford them.

Collect survivors

When you play the main game, you get to unlock more characters. These characters or survivors will have their set of abilities and weapons that they can use. You can use a number of characters in each wave so be sure to collect a lot of them. We go back to upgrading the survivors, each of them have different abilities so every time you upgrade one of them, they can get better and their abilities also improve. Try to experiment a bit and see which combinations can work when it comes to making a good team of survivors. While there are a ton of survivors to use and improve, try to focus on using specific characters for the time being before you branch out.

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