Resident Evil 7 Not A Hero Gameplay Trailer Features Counter-Attacks

resident evil 7 not a hero

Capcom’s Resident Evil 7 will finally be receiving its free Not A Hero DLC on December 12th, the same date that the Gold Edition releases. A new gameplay trailer showcases exactly how things will work. In short, if you’ve played the base game, you’ll be used to the first person perspective by now. Check it out below.

This isn’t to say there aren’t new feature. Starring Chris Redfield, the DLC has some new weapons, new enemy types and a separate plot. We see Chris exploring the mines and taking on several BOWs while seeking to free his teammate. Along with shooting BOWs, Chris can execute close range finishers and even counter melee attacks. It’s an interesting twist that fits well with Chris’s modus operandi.

Resident Evil 7: Not A Hero will also be available with the Gold Edition along with the End of Zoe DLC. If you’ve been holding out on buying the game, then you might want to wait for the Gold Edition. What are your thoughts on Not A Hero’s gameplay? Let us know below.

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