Sony Not Stopping Studios From Utilizing Xbox One X’s “Supposed Power”

If you’ve been keeping track of Destiny 2, then you’ve probably heard that it will run at 30 FPS on Xbox One X, not 60 FPS. Instead, 30 FPS will be the standard across all platforms. Could it be that Sony Computer Entertainment is telling publishers to not make the Xbox One X version of certain games better (as ridiculous as that sounds)?

Eurogamer spoke to PlayStation global sales and marketing head Jim Ryan about the same and basically asked if Sony was encouraging or telling publishers to not make the Xbox One X version of a game superior to the PS4 Pro version.

“Ryan responded, “Not to my knowledge. Take the Destiny deal. The Destiny deal was actually done in February 2013, right? We hadn’t launched PS4. I might be wrong because great minds are at work in far-flung corners of Tokyo and San Mateo, but I don’t think anybody even thought of PS4 Pro at this stage.

“So, I think you’re trying to see some sort of nefarious platform-holder activity where likely none exists.”

Furthermore, on Xbox boss Phil Spencer’s statement about there being no technical reason why a game coming to both platforms shouldn’t look and run better on Xbox One X, and whether that was a comparison problem, Ryan said, “Well, we’ll see when they launch in six months’ time.

“The number of partnerships, and yes they are big titles, I won’t dispute that, it’s small. There are a handful. There will be hundreds of games published this year and those games, market forces will prevail. If a developer or publisher wants to take advantage of the supposed power of the X, they will do that. If they don’t, they won’t.”

Xbox One X is out on November 7th. What are your thoughts on certain games not quite looking better on the platform? Let us know in the comments.