The PS4’s Lack of Game Preview Is Why We Are Skipping It, Says Deep Rock Galactic Developer

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There are many games that skip out on a release on the PS4 and go with an exclusive release on the Xbox One instead. These are all smaller games- titles for which extra sales that the PS4’s larger install base might afford would be helpful. And yet, there are many that only release on Xbox One anyway.

One such game is Deep Rock Galactic by Ghost Ship Games, which is releasing on Xbox One (and PC), but not the PS4. When GamingBolt had the chance to speak to Ghost Ship Games founder and CEO Søren Lundgaard, we decided to ask him the reason for this decision.

The response? Something as simple as the developers determining they need Early Access to launch their game, and the PS4 lacking any such program. “The lack of a program like Game Preview made it quite difficult for us to find a viable way to do this before full release,” Lundgaard said.

This has been a sentiment we have heard for a lot of games-perhaps this is why PUBG is also skipping the PS4 for this reason, for now at least. As this issue continues to lead to more games skipping the PS4, maybe Sony will respond and get an Early Access program in place. We shall see.

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