White Day 2: Swan Song, A Korean Horror Game, Announced For PS4

white day 2

Horror movies made in Japan and Korea are often the best- something that generally seems to carry over to video games, too. But while we have seen a lot of classic horror games come from Japan, Korean horror games have been curiously absent, for the most part.

However, today, South Korea-based developer Sonnori Corporation announced White Day 2: Swan Song for PS4, a sequel to 2001’s White Day: A Labyrinth Named School. As Gematsu notes, the game will retain the same title worldwide, and it will be compatible with the PlayStation VR (albeit a PlayStation VR will not be necessary to play the game- you can enjoy it with a standard setup, too).

As of right now, a PC release for the game has been shot down entirely, so anyone who may be interested in playing it should probably look into playing it on PS4, or not at all. More details for the game should be coming after the remake of the original game launches worldwide later this month.

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